Ben & Jerry’s is Releasing Line of Desserts That Are Safe for Dogs to Eat

Every dog owner knows this struggle…You’re sitting on the couch enjoying a bowl of ice cream and your four-legged friend is sitting by your side begging for a bite.



You know dairy isn’t good for them but that face is so hard to resist.


Well, Ben & Jerry’s has come to the rescue!  They are releasing a line of ice creams just for dogs  called “Doggie Desserts.”  Instead of dairy, they used sunflower-butter as the base, so it’s easier on dogs’ stomachs. There’s a peanut-butter-and-pretzel flavor called “Pontch’s Mix” . . . and a cookie-and-pumpkin combo called “Rosie’s Batch.”

The tubs they come in look EXACTLY like normal Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  So be careful when you reach into that freezer.


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