Anne Hathaway Asked Everyone to Stop Calling Her Anne

Anne Hathaway was on The Tonight Show last night, where she asked everyone to stop calling her Anne!

She started off the interview by saying, “Call me Annie — everybody, everybody, call me Annie, please.”

She said she chose ‘Anne’ as her stage name at 14 years old never expecting to be called that for the rest of her life.

“When I was 14 years old, I did a commercial, and I had to get my SAG card and they asked me, ‘What do you want your name to be?’ And I was like, ‘Well, it should be my name. My name’s Anne Hathaway.’ So that seemed like the right choice, but it never occurred to me that for the rest of my life, people will call me Anne.”

In fact, the only person that calls her Anne in real life is her mom and only when she is in trouble.

“The only person who calls me Anne is my mother and she only does it when she’s really mad at me, like really mad,” she said. “So every time I step out in public and someone calls my name, I think they’re going to yell at me.”

So if you happen to see Anne on the street, call her Annie.

“People are like, “Anne!” And I’m like “What? What did I do?” People are so lovely they don’t want to be presumptuous and so I think they come up with workarounds on set because the truth is nobody’s comfortable with calling me Anne ever. It doesn’t fit. I’m an Annie.”