Delivery Room Drama!

We had another “Jill” today due to the somewhat sensitive nature of her sitch. She will be giving birth to her first child soon and unfortunately her husband is deployed overseas. She’s expecting to only have one person in the room with her, and here’s where the problem comes in. Jill’s mom and sister are basically fighting over which one gets to be in the room with her, but Jill would honestly prefer her closest friend. The reason she doesn’t want her mom or sister in there is because she thinks they will make the whole thing extra stressful due to their “domineering” energy. Contrast that with her friend who has calmer, more comforting energy, and we can see why Jill would have such a desire. Jill wasn’t sure how to break this news to her mom & sister, and was also wondering if her actions would be frowned upon for wanting to keep them from the room. The majority of callers were very supportive of having her friend in the room instead of the mom or sister. One person did call to say that Jill should consider her sister since she is a nurse with medical experience, and therefore she could be a helpful person. Overall, people thought Jill was justified for choosing a friend in the situation. This life moment is all about her and her choice should be respected either way.