Laney from Suffolk has been dating a guy who calls her “dude” too much and it’s started bothering her. Not only that, but the general overuse of “bro” and other such words. She’s a high school English teacher and is slightly concerned his vocabulary will taint hers. She wasn’t sure how to properly rid these words from his vocab without coming off too condescending or patronizing due to her teacher status. A few people raised the best suggestion which was to just give it right back to him. If Laney responds by obnoxiously calling him dude, he might start to get the hint in a light and funny way. If he doesn’t respond to this, or responds poorly, then Laney should get serious and tell him how she feels. One other funny suggestion was this: whenever he calls her dude, Laney could turn around and look behind her as if her boyfriend must surely be talking to someone else. One person on facebook did point out that if this is the worst part about the relationship, then Laney ought to be thankful!