Kelly Clarkson Says ‘Everyone Was So Rude’ During ‘American Idol’ Days {WATCH}

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Kelly Clarkson opened up about how rude people could be to the contestants of American Idol during her time on the show. In an interview with  9-1-1 star Jennifer Love Hewitt, she talked about a moment that “meant the world to me” when Love Hewitt showed her rare dose of kindness on the MTV Awards red carpet.

She said that Love Hewitt had encouraged her that night and told her that she was “really rooting” for her. She also gave her advice… “This business can be really hard and just remember to keep close, those people that really love you.”

Kelly said, “People were like really mean to us because we were from a talent show and it was the first season. Everyone was so rude to us, on the carpet, at the show.” Clarkson went on to call it “a horrible experience.”