Give Me Them Babies, I Say!

Poor dear Leah has come down with a serious case of the baby fever. And she’s only in her mid 20’s! They’ve been together for a total of six years, and finally got engaged last fall. They’ve agreed on wanting kids, but never discussed a timetable. She feels like they are well established and more than ready to welcome a baby. He is currently a hard no on the situation, and won’t budge no matter how hard Leah begs. He disagrees on them being well established, and if we had to guess, it probably has something to do with financial stability. Kids are expensive, right? The only thing is her fiancĂ© wants to wait YEARS before diving into daddy life. So what did our listeners have to say? In the wise words of Taylor Swift, “You Need to Calm Down” was the prevailing sentiment today. Everyone said Leah has plenty of time and she shouldn’t rush such things because it could lead to resentment. Pete in Norfolk was the only one who made a constructive suggestion, which was to actually make a list of things the fiancĂ© wants to accomplish before inseminating his girl. Pardon the verbiage.

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