The Couch Conundrum (Sounds like a Seindfeld Episode)

Caleb in Chesapeake wrote in about having trouble agreeing on which new couch to get with his girlfriend. She wants to help pay for it, but isn’t in a position to do so right now. But they both agree on wanting a new couch very badly. The problem is she prefers one, he prefers another. But beyond that, Caleb says she guilt trips him about his choice. She says that since it’s his money he’ll just pick which one he wants and that her voice doesn’t really matter in the end. Caleb thinks she’s being over dramatic. Callers and commenters sided with Caleb for the most part. For this given situation, it sounds like Caleb deserves the pick since they aren’t yet a married couple. Everyone also pointed out that there are some red flags here that probably go a lot deeper than a couch disagreement. Robert pointed out that Caleb could pick his 3 favorites, then have his girlfriend pick her favorite from those three. That was the creative, out-of-the-box solution we were looking for today!

Best of luck to Caleb and his girlfriend. Have a great weekend! Catch us Monday!