Picture Posting Problems

Katie in Suffolk is having some suspicions about her boyfriend. They’ve been together for about 7 months and he still doesn’t want to take or post any pictures of them together on Facebook or Instagram. He doesn’t want her posting pics of them on her profile, even if she doesn’t tag him. She’s brought it up numerous times and he always just apologizes and says he’ll get better about it. It’s been long enough and he hasn’t gotten any better, so Katie has started wondering if he could be cheating. It seems to go deeper than him simply not liking to get his picture taken. Nicole called in to say there is enough cause for concern here, but she didn’t think he’s cheating. She thought he may have some personal insecurities that don’t have anything to do with Katie. JJ and Emily both called in with similar thoughts. Take the adult approach and find a good way to sit him down to talk about it. She deserves a better explanation as Emily put it. And we agree with that for sure. JJ said that he could suck it up for one good picture. He suggested maybe even making the picture his profile picture on social media, but that’s taking things pretty far!

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