High Heels Aren’t Enough!

Danielle has been experiencing what she believes is short person discrimination. She works at a corporate level and doesn’t feel she’s getting the respect she deserves due to her 5 foot height. She gets brushed off in meetings and generally feels like she isn’t given the time of day from her co workers. She explained how she’s been trying to assert herself more, but she’s afraid of coming off too aggressive and losing respect. Callers and commenters main suggestions boiled down to “she needs to keep asserting, but in a calculated way.” Frequent caller Michelle is a self proclaimed short person who’s been dealing with the discrimination for a while and has no patience it for anymore. She explains that when people try to interrupt her or something, she says “hello? short person talking here!” This response strikes the perfect balance of humor and gravity. Knowing Michelle, she’s probably being more serious about it than she is joking, but the joke lightens the blow of her assertion.

Another person suggested Danielle go above and beyond at work so that her contributions can’t be ignored. However if nothing changes soon on that route, then she has our permission to abandon that ship. No sense in overworking yourself especially if people aren’t going to properly recognize you. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, PEOPLE.

Best of luck to Danielle! 🙂