Time To Learn Spanish!

Missy is starting to get a little paranoid. Her mother-in-law is Hispanic and always uses Spanish to talk to her son/Missy’s husband. Missy understandably feels left out of the conversation and wishes she could be more involve, but lately she’s started wondering if her mother-in-law is talking about her. She’s tried talking to her husband who has taken a very hands-off approach to the whole thing. He just doesn’t want to be caught in the middle whatsoever. Tough question of loyalty there. But we get it. So what did our contributors have to say? Nicole was the first to come right out and say give up haha. She said it’s something Missy probably can’t do anything about and to just accept it. Having plenty of wine was also recommended. JJ provided the most considerate approach, which was to basically at least make an attempt to learn some Spanish. Even just showing that effort will probably mean a lot to the mother in law, and then maybe make her consider Missy more. Woody had a funny suggestion which was to find a phrase or saying in some other foreign language and just resort to that whenever they get into a Spanish conversation. When they ask what Missy is saying, Missy could ask what they’re saying! We love the funny creative ideas!