A Burning Desire

Ashley is caught up in the feels. She really wants her boyfriend to travel home for their first Valentine’s day together. She’s spent the last few V-days alone and with everything going on lately, she just really wants him home for that weekend. Her boyfriend doesn’t think it’s worth the time or money even though they can afford it. Ashley even offered to help pay for the trip. Ashley was hoping to find a clever/cute way to convince her boyfriend to come home, but the overwhelming response from callers and commenters was to pull a Frozen and…..”let it go.” Many pointed out if it means that much to her, then she could travel to him. Others said to just schedule a makeup valentine’s day of sorts around the time he gets back from work. Nobody even cared to sympathize with Ashley though! Not a single person said she should push him. Clearly Valentine’s day isn’t a big deal to most people, which isn’t a bad thing.