She Got Her Hair Did…WRONG!

Cynthia went to a new hair salon per a friend’s recommendation and was very unhappy with the result. She had color done and it came out all wrong. She held her tongue at the time thinking it wasn’t that bad, but of course discovered later on how much she hates it. She also didn’t want to bark orders being a first time client and referred by a friend. Its hard to be confrontational in the moment! So, Cynthia’s question was: should she go back to the new salon and ask them to fix it for free? Or does she cut her losses and go get it fixed at her old place? Everyone who contributed agreed that she needs to go back and at least try to get them to fix it. A few people who are in or close to the salon industry said that hair dressers WANT to know the truth, however much it may hurt. They take pride in getting it right. Most people pointed out that she should’ve said something at the time of the cut, but again hindsight is 20/20!

Everyone pointed out that Cynthia should of course be polite and respectful if she goes back to the new salon. Tone is everything and we should always strive to be respectful to our fell men and women!