Suzanne Somers’ Facebook Live Video Interrupted by Home Intruder [VIDEO]

Ga Fullner /

Suzanne Somers was filming a makeup video last week when a man entered her home!  Viewers watched on Facebook Live as Somers and her husband played it cool and tried to find out what the intruder wanted.

The man said that his friend dropped him off on the property and that he was “terrified,” and when she asked why, he responded, “I’m not even sure. There were ghosts following me.”

Somers told the man that he had to leave their home immediately.

“You seem like a nice person,” she said, “But I’m not used to having people on my property.”

Suzanne and her husband later appeared on Good Morning America and described the man as  “very cooperative” when he was asked to leave.

“We jumped right in to crisis mode,” she said, “and crisis mode for me is, I stay calm. I can handle everything.”