Too Much Praise?

Jason called in this Sitch today. His wife thinks they and their friends/family are praising their daughter too much for her looks and beauty. Mom is concerned that this could affect her daughter’s development. She would instead like to praise other things that have to do with intelligence or other character traits. Jason thought this was a bit ridiculous so he called it in for some thoughts. JJ was the first to chime in, saying he can see both sides. But in the end he agreed with the mom that it’s probably beneficial to not praise looks too much. He even agreed that parents can respectfully ask friends an family to follow the plan. Beth strongly agreed with the mom as well. Kyle came through in the last call with sage-like wisdom. Like most things in life, it’s not a black and white issue. He said don’t worry about praise so much as long as you’re properly teaching/raising her to be well rounded in life. Teaching things like appreciation, not always getting what you want, etc. are more important when it comes to character he thinks.

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