A Kitchen Gadget For V-Day?!

An anonymous “Jack” wrote in about a gift he got his wife for Valentine’s day because he’s having second thoughts. Our man went above and beyond by purchasing a Kitchen Aid Mixer for his lady, and those things cost a pretty penny. He mentioned how she’s asked for one in the past, so it’s not out of the blue. But Jack’s mother had to get involved and voice her unsolicited opinion. She thought it was poor taste to buy his wife a kitchen gadget for Valentine’s day. So he wanted to know what everyone else thought, and boy oh boy did we get calls on this. This might be the most responsive Sitch we’ve had yet, and every single person said forget mom, give her the gift! Virtually everyone said that since she’s asked for this gift in the past, then Jack is in the clear. It might be a different story if she never asked for anything like it. Where the opinions differed was whether or not to add a supplemental gift. We hope that Jack would include a card or something personal, but some people thought that the expensive kitchen aid is enough of a love symbol. All the women praised Jack for being a good listener in the past and going above and beyond for his Valentine!

Have a lovely weekend!