What To Do If You Suspect A Friend Has A Drinking Problem

An anonymous “Jill” wrote in with this Sitch. Her friend got a DUI a few years ago, and apparently the lesson hasn’t sunken in fully because she recently fell asleep at the wheel after a night of drinking. This caused Jill and her friends to feel more concerned and wonder if she should get involved or not. She thinks the friend would be resistant if they were to bring it up, so what did callers and commenters think? Well it was unanimous that Jill needs to step in because it’s a matter of time before the friend hurts herself or others. Beth commented that Jill should point out the other people she’s putting in danger and in one instant her life could change. Beth actually advised Jill to approach her with the full group at once. More people will help her see how concerned they are. Patrick shared his experience and found that what worked best for him was taking turns with friends on checking up with their alcohol-afflicted friend. He wasn’t driving so the situation was different. He advised periodically suggesting professional help but outside of that, there isn’t much else we can do. People pointed out that the trick is getting them to acknowledge and accept that they have a problem, AND want to do something about it. Dennis shared a funny story about knocking out his drunk friend who thought he was fit to drive, and throwing him in the back of the truck. Tough love works! They might have saved lives!