My Roommate Literally Won’t Leave The House

Rhea wrote us with her Sitch because she’s at her wit’s end. She is in desperate need of some solid alone time, and the problem is her male roommate won’t leave the house for anything other than work. To make it worse they have virtually the same work schedule so when he is gone, so is she. They live in a town house and she mentioned how much it sucks having to always be quiet with her boyfriend when things get intimate. She said the more she tries to get him out, the more he resists, so what could she do? JJ called in first with a JJ solution: have the boyfriend over more often and get louder and louder with him. A hilarious potential solution, no doubt, but things will likely get awkward at some point! Of course it was pointed out that we’re still in a pandemic and it’s not a terrible thing to stay cooped up right now. It was further pointed out that he pays equal rent and doesn’t necessarily owe her alone time just because their work schedules line up. He could even have a condition such as agoraphobia – Fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. The prevailing opinion, unfortunately, was that there probably isn’t much Rhea can do about this. Obviously she should move out when the lease is up though!