Mother And Son Still Kissing On Lips

Adam wrote in with this Sitch about his wife still kissing their 25 year old son on the lips. He’s felt weird about it for some time, but didn’t feel the need to step in. Now he feels like it’s gone long enough and he should probably do something. He thinks their son is over it anyway, but he doesn’t know how to tell his mom to stop kissing him. We don’t wanna hurt mom’s feelings when she’s just showing love! So he was wondering what to do. Michelle said this could be a delicate situation with the mom and Adam should be the one to tell her their son is probably too old for this. But first talk to the son and see how he’s feeling about it. JJ said he should talk to the son but then the son should tell mom directly how he feels. Mom will probably be a little hurt, but she should understand. As for the heart of the matter – everyone agreed their son is too old to be kissing mom on the lips. That is, except for one facebook commenter! She said it could just be a special bond between mom and son. We also wondered how much of the “lip kissing” trend applies to strictly southern people.