Rosamund Pike and Kelly Clarkson Speak Out Against Their Images Being Altered Without Consent

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Rosamund Pike appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week to talk about her new Netflix movie “I Care A Lot.”

The host and actress also discussed an issue they both care a lot about…their photos being photoshopped without their knowledge.

Rosamund opened up about how her image has been altered on more than one movie poster over the course of her career.

She said that in her movie poster for Johnny English Reborn, her breasts were enlarged to resemble a “very impressive chest.”

“There are probably countless times our images are doctored and we don’t notice it. I think we’re all losing a grip on what we really look like.”

She told a story about how a fan even implied that she needed to alter a natural selfie.

“I was on a flight the other day—well, when I last flew which was over a year ago—but I was on a flight with this guy and I took a selfie and he looked over my shoulder when I didn’t know and said, ‘Oh no, babe, you gotta Facetune that. I said, ‘Sorry, what?’ That was my introduction to the world of Facetuning which I then realized has often happened—we are body-tuning.”