Virginia officials warn “don’t ignore unknown numbers,” it could be your vaccine.

If you are in the habit of avoiding answering calls from unknown numbers (thanks in large part to those car warranty calls), you should start answering now.

Virginia’s vaccination coordinator is encouraging people to answer unknown numbers as it could be their appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Starting sometime next week, the majority of the retail pharmacy partners will begin scheduling appointments based off names already signed up on the state’s pre-registration list.

People will get appointments one of three ways:

  1. They will be scheduled by the pharmacy themselves. Pharmacies will go down list and schedule appointments by either email or phone
  2. They will be scheduled by the local health department, which will go down the list and use the pharmacy scheduler tool to make appointments that way.
  3. They will be called by the 877-VAX-IN-VA outbound call.

“If you’re on a pre-registration list, answer a phone number even if you don’t know where it’s coming from. The ones coming from our call center will come from that 1-800-VAX-IN-VA number, but it may come from local health departments or it may come from pharmacies themselves,” Avula said. So I do think the top-line message … is make sure you answer your phone this week or in coming weeks if you’re on a pre-vaccination list.”