Stepping Over The Laundry Line?

Kyle in Newport News shares a laundry room with his downstairs neighbors. They have separate washer/dryers, and Kyle’s has just broken down. Curiously, the neighbors’ still works and they can’t get an electrician out until Friday. Kyle needs to do a load before then and doesn’t want to go to a laundromat. He presented this question in the sitch: whether or not he would be crossing the line if he used his neighbors’ machines without asking. Kyle was hoping they would offer to let him use theirs for one load to get him through until his gets fixed, but they didn’t. JJ said he should ask them if it’s okay, but Marie said heck no and that there’s a reason why they didn’t offer. She also pointed out a story where someone’s clothes got all itchy because a similar situation, so she was a hard no. Michelle surprisingly said to go for it, but make sure you leave everything exactly as it was. No harm, no foul right? Overall we didn’t think this was an extremely disrespectful thing to do, but it could be seen as such. A wise man or women once said, “don’t ask permission, ask forgiveness.” But don’t take that quote too far!