Conflict Of Interest

An anonymous Jill recently witnessed her manager on a date with one of her coworkers. This is something that’s clearly being hidden from the rest of the employees because it violates a strict policy put in place for all workers at this job. So on the basis of principle Jill feels like this is unfair, but going further, it could mean less money for her since this coworker is being favored. Jill feels like she will soon be getting the best accounts and advantages in the workplace. So obviously the question is do you rat them out for the fair treatment of all employees? Or do you let love run its natural course at the expense of others? Just about everyone on facebook said to let it go. JJ, to our surprise, said he would rat them out because if his money is at risk then all bets are off. Perhaps the most reasonable solution was from Laurie who said don’t make a big deal out of it until she has some kind of evidence that favoritism is at play. Of course there is always the option of Blackmail, but you didn’t get that from us.