Ready For Round Two With An Ex?

An anonymous Jill wrote us about a former flame possibly being reignited. She’s been in one serious long term relationship which ended a few years ago. Her boyfriend ended it seemingly out of the blue without giving real reasons or any closure for Jill. She was understandably devastated and still hasn’t fully moved on. The guy dated another girl for a brief time, and now Jill is pretty sure that’s over because he’s started texting her again. Jill mentioned how the last year has been especially tough and her heart wants so badly to let him back in for some comfort. BUT, she obviously has her guard up all the way. So she’s conflicted and wanted to hear some stories from people in similar situations, and what they might do in her “SITCH.” Responses varied. JJ was a hard no. He doesn’t think there’s been enough time for him (or her for that matter) to really change as people. In all likelihood he will still be the same person as when he left the relationship. Some people did say she should give him a chance, but do some digging. Find out why exactly he left her in the first place. We did get a call from Crystal who was our one success story (yay!). She got back together with an Ex long after they had separated and grown as people, and she’s still happy as can be. So glad to hear it worked out for you Crystal!