Blockin’ My View, Man!

Evelyn and her husband are disturbed because their next door neighbors are putting up a big shed that will almost completely block their view of the lake. The neighbors moved in last year while Evelyn and her husband have been there for 20 years. The neighbors didn’t run anything by Evelyn, but if they had, she would’ve voiced her concern. It may seem petty, but having a nice view out of your house bring a certain sense of peace and well-being. She was wondering if there were any legal actions she could take and what other people would do in her shoes. The main thing people mentioned is that there is probably a home owners association for the neighborhood and Evelyn should check with them to see if they knew anything about the shed. Christine commented on facebook with a wealth of information. She would make sure that the correct permits had been obtained from the city, as well as the home owners association. If it turns out they’ve done everything they need to, then all Evelyn can do is express her sadness about the situation and try to convince them to move it herself. Good luck Evelyn!