Jennifer Garner Has a Message About Her Body Changing After 3 Kids

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Jennifer Garner appeared on the Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast, where she spoke candidly about body acceptance after having children.

Jennifer has three children—Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9, with ex-husband Ben Affleck and she has been surrounded by pregnancy rumors for years since.

She told host Giovanna Fletcher, “There are some incredible women whose bodies just—no matter how many babies they have, they just bounce right back to that slim hips, no stomach. I mean it’s incredible. I have so many girlfriends who have that physique and I’m so happy for them. I am not one of them, that is not my gig.”

“I can work really hard and I can be really fit and I’ll still look like a woman who has three babies, and I always will.”

“It’s still happening. I’m 48, and I’m single,” Garner said. “And it’s still happening, so you might as well take that bull by the horns.”

“It’s just a body. Be grateful to it. It carried you this far. It carried babies for you. What else do you want? My goodness,” she added

 In October 2020, fans jumped to conclusions after she shared a picture of her jack-o-lantern thinking it was a clue that was expecting another child.


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In September 2020, a fan once again asked if she was pregnant after sharing this photo to which she responded, ““I am 48, have three healthy kids and am not — and never will be — pregnant,” Garner wrote in a response to a fan who asked if she was pregnant. “We can lay that pupper to rest. Have [I] gained the COVID 19? Possibly. But that is another story.”


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Back in 2014, Jennifer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her baby bump saying “From now on ladies, I will have a bump…Let’s just settle in and get used to it.”


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