Sleeping On The Job!

Lisa wrote in with The Sitch today about how she is the only one who can see her co-worker snoozing on the job. They recently came back into the office after working from home, and due to the setup it sounds like this one coworker is able to get away with a lot more than others. Lisa is not happy about this because she is having to pick up some of the slack. She’s not sure if she wants to be the bad guy and turn her in, but it sounded like she was looking for encouragement from us to do so. Indeed that is what she got, at least from half of callers/contributors. Most people said to at least approach her first and see what’s up. We understand confrontation can be tough, but that’s the first step in a lot of these! The funniest/most creative solution was to call the co-workers extension but hang up as soon as it wakes her up. Caller ID is a thing though, so Lisa would probably be caught, but the idea is funny enough to do anyway!