To Go, Or Not To Go?

Joe has planned a big family trip with his parents, wife, and kids. They started planning last fall for this “post-pandemic” vacation to Disney World last fall, and now the kids can’t wait. The trip is scheduled for August of this year, but they recently found out that Joe’s wife is pregnant with their third child. The due date is about a month after the trip was scheduled, which put Joe in a pickle. He doesn’t want to leave his wife to go on a vacation with the kids, but she doesn’t want them to cancel the whole thing just for her. And rescheduling might be tricky after they have the newborn. So Joe wanted to know what the people had to say about this. A few callers did express that Joe & co. should still go on the trip because the wife is okay with it, and the kids have really been looking forward to it. However, the prevailing sentiment was that they should wait to go as one big happy family. The main reason for this is because Disney World is a magical experience specifically designed for families like this. The mom might say it’s okay now, but a few years down the road when the rest of the family has memories from that trip, mom would probably feel left out. Sorry kids, you’ll just have to wait a little longer!