Moving In-Law?

Jorge and his wife are expecting their first baby in a few months and so they have begun looking at houses. Jorge would like to move in together with his mother because together they could afford a much bigger place, and they’d also have an in-house baby sitter. Jorge comes from a culture where this is fairly normal, whereas his wife is on the fence about the whole thing. So Jorge wanted to open it up for discussion. Michelle was a hard no. Unless she was strapped for cash, she wouldn’t even consider it. JJ was in a similar boat but sounded like he was more understanding. It’s really a question of how close Jorge’s wife and his mom are. If his wife is sort of the odd one out when the mom is around, then she shouldn’t have to deal with that and has grounds to refuse. One caller said they actually lived next door to their parents in order to help with raising kids, so perhaps that would be an option!