Local Volunteers Needed for ‘Great American Cleanup’ in Hampton Roads


AskHRGreen and ‘Keep Virginia Beautiful‘ have teamed up for a regional cleanup project to assist in the Great American Cleanup event happening on March 26-27.

Due to COVID-19, residents will work on cleaning up their own communities, rather than coming together in large groups.

“You can rally your friends, neighbors, or coworkers to host a #TeamUp2Cleanup event, or simply grab a trash bag and pick up litter while you take a walk around the block,” said Rebekah Eastep, an askHRgreen.org team leader.

If you are interested in volunteering in the Great American Cleanup, visit the askHRgreen website or contact Keep Suffolk Beautiful at 757-514-7604.


Did you know that since 2019, volunteers have cleared more than 23 tons of litter from our environment?


Posted by askhrgreen.org on Thursday, March 25, 2021