My Friend Gave Me Covid Without Telling Me!

This was Ariel’s Sitch today and she was “pretty livid.” She has contracted the virus and is pretty positive who she got it from. When she told her friend, her friend then revealed that he had also contracted it recently. We’re not sure how close they are, but this friend thought he had quarantined for long enough before re-entering the public. Ariel was wondering how to even proceed with a friend like this, so what did callers think? Responses varied a good bit, more people than expected were actually understanding of the friend’s point of view. They pointed out that he may have followed the protocol and still given it to Ariel. One caller reported a virus transmission that took place 3 weeks after their first positive test, even after isolating for that time. So apparently it’s possible to still be contagious that long after contracting it. One thing everyone agreed on is the future of the friendship depends on how close they were before. Many, if not all of us, wouldn’t exile our best friend for something like this. We’d probably express our frustration and go back to normal once everyone and everything is covid-free 🙂