Vaccine Line-Jumper!

“Anonymous Jack” is being put in a very tight spot by his boss. His boss wants him to get vaccinated even though Jack has no pre-existing conditions and doesn’t qualify for the current phase 1b. Jack works in a setting that will be interacting with more and more people as things continue to open back up, and that’s why his boss wants him to get vaccinated so badly. On top of this, Jack mentioned that he and his boss have a great relationship, so he doesn’t want to jeopardize that. What did the callers say? Jack should ultimately stand his ground. He’s a man of principle and integrity and most people felt like the boss was overstepping boundaries and respect. One person mentioned that it could possibly be a TEST! We hope that is the case, but we’re not so sure. Another person mentioned that Jack could get some kind of documentation from his primary care physician saying that Jack needs to wait as he is not yet eligible for the vaccine and those are the rules.