Corolla Wild Horses Welcome New Foal, Betsy.

The wild horses of the Currituck Outer Banks have welcomed a new foal, a filly named Betsy.

She was born recently, making her the third foal of 2021. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund shared the news on Facebook saying that Betsy, her mother M&M and her father Rocky, are all doing well.

Welcome Betsy! This filly is the third foal of 2021. Her mom is a mare we call M&M and her dad is Rocky. The whole…

Posted by Corolla Wild Horse Fund onĀ Monday, April 5, 2021

The Wild Horse Fund also shared a reminder of the do’s and don’ts of the 4×4 beaches.

You must stay at least 50ft away from the horses. Approaching, enticing, or harassing in any way will result in a ticket. The Currituck County Sheriff’s Department has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to the horses. Your apples and carrots will kill. Please don’t cause a repeat of what happened last year, when a yearling colt was fed a whole apple, causing him to choke and die. You can read the Wild Horse Ordinance in full here.
May be an image of horse and text that says 'Admire but NEVER feed Wild horses can only digest natural beach grasses. Apples, carrots or any snack will cause painful colic and can kill. COROLLA WILD HORSE FUND INCORPORATED To report a wild horse injury or human interaction: (252)4 453-8002'