Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Reveal What they Get Into ‘Fights’ Over {WATCH}

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers recently made their social media debut. The couple did a live stream on Instagram and revealed some info about themselves.

They started by discussing Rodgers’ stint as guest co-host JEOPARDY! and Rodgers said his favorite category was about the Bible because he grew up in the church.

Rodgers confirmed reports that the two got close while living in Canada during the offseason. “I was quarantined in Montreal for a lot of the beginning of the offseason, hanging out with this lovely lady right here,” he said before the camera panned to Woodley. “Montreal, Quebec has some really tight COVID rules, so a lot of downtime. I watched every episode on Netflix multiple times. I watched old episodes I found on my phone.”

He confirmed that he will not quit playing football to play JEOPARDY! but would love to do both.

Then at one point during the live stream, their dog came into view. Aaron tried to shoo the dog away, which prompted Shailene to ask the viewers a question.

“Who else gets in fights with their partners about how much they get to cuddle with their dog? Is it just us?” Shailene said while laughing.


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