Coming Home To A To-Do List

Dan travels weekly for work and is tired of coming home to a literal laundry list of chores from his wife. He stressed that he pulls his weight with kids and daily chores, but he wants to draw the line at these random projects his wife throws at him. The definition of “project” is crucial here because projects can range all over the board as far as the required amount of work. So Dan wanted to throw it out and see how others felt. Our first caller completely sided with the wife and stressed that he needs to work extra hard to take care of his wife and kids when he’s home. JJ called in with a typical response, saying that he’s the man of the house and needs to start acting like it! We got some interesting takes on the facebook post regarding this sitch. Kerri pointed out that the wife just wants to feel like herself as opposed to just playing the role of mom, and that means taking a big load off her shoulders when Dan comes home from work!