New Co-Worker Crossing Lines

Our friend of the show, Michelle called this one in. She’s a nurse and had a co-worker start working with them about six months ago. New girl started asking Michelle for her opinion on her own personal medical issues. It started slow and Michelle was okay with it, but now it’s progressed like a tumor and needs to be cut off. The final straw was when new girl sent a picture of her behind for medical evaluation. Michelle was completely taken aback by this and frozen to the point where she didn’t know how to respond. So that’s where we come in. The majority of responses encouraged Michelle to go directly to the girl and say hey cut it out. You stop that. Easier said than done when you’re the one giving advice and not taking it. We all know how much people hate confrontation in real life. The funnier/more creative solutions were to provide this new girl with a bill for services rendered. Brilliant solution. It’s jovial but also sends the message that Michelle isn’t taking too kindly to it. Another solution was: since the messages seem to be coming through facebook, Michelle could block or unfollow the girl and then blame it on something else. “My Facebook got hacked!! Sorry!”