Avoiding An Awkward Mother’s Day

Josh has a 5-year-old son and wants to help him get something for his mom on valentine’s day. Josh divorced from his wife a few years ago and this is the first time since then he’s wanted to incorporate a mother’s day gift. His only worry was that his intentions might be misconstrued. He doesn’t want her to see this as an attempt to get closer to her. So what kind of options does he have? The overwhelming majority of responders said to include his son in the whole process. Take the boy to michael’s or some place where he can pick out an arts & crafts type of gift to make for mom. In addition, he can pick out a card or write one by hand. The main point is to make it more about the kid. By including him and getting him thinking about what his mom would like, he’ll learn about the joys of gift-giving and hopefully that lesson will stick with him into adulthood!