Larry is fed up. Or rather, quite the opposite since somebody keeps stealing his lunch out of the break room refrigerator. According to his co-worker, it’s their very own sales manager who stole the last highly coveted sandwich. Larry wanted to know how to bring this man to justice given the fact that they don’t have a good relationship and the guy has more power. As expected, the male responders all shared the idea of making a decoy sandwich. Have it look normal and delicious, but load it up with cayenne pepper or some other nasty stuff. Of course you’d also need to pack your own real sandwich, and what do you do with that one? Well that’s where the personal cooler comes in. Most of the women were in favor of this idea, but Nicole went above and beyond. She basically said to set up a conversation about the mysterious lunch thief, and do it so the boss can hear. Either way, the main takeaway from this one is that it’s probably not a good idea to approach the boss straight up. This sitch requires tact, and if Larry is careful enough he can get great results.