Viral Video Reveals X-Rated Easter Egg in Shrek {SFW VIDEO}

Childhood ruined

Shrek may be PG but there’s an X-rated detail recently spotted by TikTok user @kathy_martinez05.

The video, captioned, “Did anyone else catch that?” has over 8.4 million views. It shows “Shrek” nemesis Lord Farquaad sitting in bed as he asks his magic mirror to show him Princess Fiona. When the mirror shows his future bride he lets out a contented sigh and wait for it…a bulge appears under Farquaad’s zebra-print sheets.

Did we not see this as kids or just not understand?

Oh, sweet innocence.

@kathy_martinez05Did anyone else catch that? #fyp #foryou #Shrek #adultjokes #adulthumor #childhood♬ original sound – Kathy

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