“You Talk Way Too Much!”

An anonymous Jack wrote in about a coworker who never knows when to stop talking. Not only that, but he doesn’t listen very well either. The thing is he’s a nice guy and nobody has a problem with him personally except for the long talking. It’s become a joke around the office, and he’s aware of it, but it hasn’t led him to talk less. Jack wants to see results so he tossed it out to us. Unfortunately I don’t think we got any miracles today. One idea was to take him out to lunch and explain it in a respectful way that it’s on behalf of other people around the office. Time is money, and money is valuable, so time is pretty valuable. If it doesn’t seem to work then Jack just needs to lay the foot down. Michelle called in and skipped step one for that method and went straight to step two. Erin was our last caller who had the idea to keep a physical log of the time he spends talking and then show it back to him at the end of the week! That actually might be the miracle we were looking for!