Premature Pregnancy Reveal

Trey and his wife recently found out that she is pregnant! They’re so excited because they’ve been trying for a while and it will be her grandparent’s first grandchild. For this reason, she wanted to make it a special occasion when she told them. So she wanted to wait to tell them, but she also wanted Trey to be able to tell his closest friends and family. Trey told a few of his nearest and dearest, and apparently one of them let it slip to his wife’s parents. Wifey was big mad about this because she had a whole production planned for telling her parents. She seemed to be directing the frustration at Trey and he simply thought this was unfair! He didn’t do anything wrong, right? Well, it’s a hard thing to tell your pregnant wife that she’s wrong. So Trey simply wanted to shed some of the blame and get out of the doghouse. Luckily, the callers were nice and validated Trey for thinking he did nothing wrong. It seems the plan was a bad one from the beginning. She should’ve made sure her parents were the first to know if it was so important. But we can also understand her wanting to wait out the first trimester due to a potential miscarriage, and maybe she felt like it was unfair to keep Trey from telling his people.

EITHER WAY…..Congratulations on the baby and we’re sure the grandparents are just as happy as they would’ve been having found out through a big reveal!