Kid Wants A New Name

Well technically he won’t be a kid soon anymore. Sandra wrote in the Sitch today regarding her soon-to-be 18 year old boy wanting to LEGALLY change his name. He’s tired of the name Ross because he’s always associated with the character from the TV show friends. The only thing is ‘Ross’ is the name of Sandra’s father and so her familial pride was hurt when she discovered this. She tried suggesting a nickname or going by his middle name, but he said that wasn’t enough. Sandra wasn’t sure how supportive she should be of this because she thinks he may come to regret it, or should at least be able to find another solution. A few responders said to go ahead and let him change it legally. Once he turns 18 he can do what he wants! But one person highlighted the challenges and complications that may arise later in life as a result. If Ross isn’t aware of those, then he might want to be. However, the prevailing argument was that she should convince him to try out his new name as a nickname before committing to legal action. He’ll want to know if the name sticks anyway. Encourage him to try the name for a year or two, and if he feels the same by the end, then he should be supported. We just want to avoid any hasty decisions!