New Mom and Zoo Gorilla Sweetly Bond Over Their Babies in Viral Video [VIDEO]

A sweet encounter with a gorilla at the Boston zoo has gone viral.

New mom Emmily Austin visited the zoo with her husband Michael and 5-month-old son Canyon when they caught the attention of a Western Lowland Gorilla named Kiki.

Michael caught the encounter on video. Watch:

“I was just in awe,” Emmily Austin told News Center Maine of the encounter. “She kept looking around the corner of the cave, and I was like, ‘She’s looking at Canyon,’” said Austin.  She said the encounter lasted around 5 minutes with the gorilla gesturing and gazing “lovingly” at her son from her enclosure.

Then in an amazing moment of motherly solidarity, Kiki scooped up her own son, a 7-month-old named Pablo, and held him up to the glass.  “Her face was just so in love,” Austin said. “She was showing her baby, my baby.”

Canyon may have slept through the whole encounter but they have the video to show him when he gets older.