Not Really A People Person

Anonymous Jill recently started working for the same company her husband works for. However, they are in different departments so they don’t have much to do with each other. Her husband constantly complains about his employees and until now Jill has commiserated and taken his side like all faithful spouses should do! But now that she works there, she has seen how he handles his staff, and she thinks he’s the one at fault. Her question was whether or not to express this to him, or just leave it be. One important point was that the husband is apparently effective at his job because he gets results. So does he really need tweaking? Responses were mixed. The first caller said to just completely leave it alone. That’s the path of least resistance for sure. But it seems like Jill wants to see if he can get results while ALSO being nice. In the end more people said to bring up, but the time/place is extremely important. Only offer advice if he brings up the topic first. Giving advice to someone who’s not asking for any isn’t a good look. Granted, married couples should be able to work through that but it’s a matter of tact and respect. Have a good weekend!