Seth Rogen Shares Hilarious Story About Failed Attempt to Meet Beyonce



Seth Rogan revealed he was “humiliated” after a failed attempt to meet Beyonce.

The incident took place at an awards show a few years ago.  Seth told E! News’ Daily Pop, “I was at the Grammys, and I saw Beyoncé with Gwyneth Paltrow actually and they were together.”

“And I charged over. Instinct took over,” he continued. “I was hit so hard by her security guard that I spilled a drink. I was drinking a screwdriver, which is a bad drink. I deserved what I got … I was humiliated and I didn’t get to meet Beyoncé.”

Seth shares the cringeworthy moment in his new memoir Year Book, along with other behind-the-scenes stories throughout his career in Hollywood.

(E! News)

photo credit: Featureflash Photo Agency