Switching Teachers?

An anonymous Jill was curious if other people had ever asked or considered asking for a new teacher for their child. Apparently Jill’s son was brought to tears by the teacher and now Jill and her husband are retroactively wishing they pulled their son out of that class and got a different teacher. They thought it might have just been a struggle with covid/remote learning, so they encouraged him to persevere, thinking it might also build some character. We got a few callers who’d been in this situation and said yes it is okay to ask for a new teacher. The difference in method really came down to how much you try to include the teacher in the process. Some people said to go directly to the principle, which is likely to work. But if you want to be thorough and sure about it, we felt like the best method is to include the teacher in the discussion. We’re obviously going to have a bias in favor of our children, and hopefully we can get a better sense of the teacher by sitting down with them. You can get a much better sense of whether or not the problem really lies with your kid or with the teacher.