No Contact

Roland in Virginia Beach is going on a boys’ trip to Yosemite Park for Memorial Day weekend. The trip has been in the works for a while and he wants to truly get away from everything. So much so that he told his fiance that he wants “no contact” on the trip. He said it in a joking way but meant it seriously, which we’re starting to find doesn’t usually work out well. Sure enough, fiance didn’t take kindly to it and it turned into an argument. Roland wanted to know how much of this was on him and his poor word choice, or if his fiance overreacted? He knows he needs to try his best to be available in case of true emergencies, so what about other conversations. Judy called in right away actually supporting Roland because she understand very well the need to truly get away and detach from day to day dealings. Even if it’s your own fiance. Especially if it’s your own fiance? Michelle took more issue with Roland and his word choice and felt like he ought to roll back his statement a bit about the nagging and no contact. Ultimately, the best suggestion/word choice correction seemed to be something along the lines of cell phone reception being spotty at best anyway, so he’ll naturally be out of reach already. A perfect solution! Then just turn off the phone!