Too Much Baby Fever?

Dee in Chesapeake has a best friend who has come down with a serious case of baby fever. She’s in her late 30s and started committing to a new guy before her divorce was finalized. Dee feels like she’s moving too fast for the sake of having a baby and should probably slow down to think it over. Her question was is it okay to express that kind of concern to your friend? Most people said yes, Dee should express her feelings to her friend. Most people also agreed to leave the boyfriend out of it even though Dee isn’t too crazy about him in the first place. Let’s just focus on the baby making aspect for now. One person did call to say that Dee shouldn’t even bring it up. It’s her friend’s choice and body to do with as she pleases. Ultimately, she’s going to do what she wants to anyway. It would be a miracle if she was actively trying for a baby and then completely stopped because Dee voiced her concern. Unlikely!