Pizza Hut is Bringing Back This Fan-Favorite From the ’90s

Picture this- it’s a Friday night, you’re watching FRIENDS on TV and digging into a Pizza Hut edge pizza.  No, this isn’t 1997, it’s 2021.

Pizza Hut has announced the return of The Edge, a thin-crust pizza “packed with toppings all the way to the edge.”  The beloved pizza was first released in 1997 and it has made a few rare appearances since then, with the most recent re-release back in 2009.

The pizza has a “cracker-thin crust” that is “sturdy enough” to hold several toppings and is cut into 16 squares. The Edge comes in four varieties, three of which have various types of meats and a vegetarian option. The limited-time offering is the “perfect pizza for patio season,” according to a press release.

For those really feeling nostalgic, Pizza Hut also brought back its iconic “Book-It” program with some new licensed merchandise for sale.