Separate Rooms?

Janet in Chesapeake is gearing up for a big family trip. Her son (21) wants to bring his girlfriend along for a few days, which is fine by the family. The only issue is where the two of them sleep. Janet wants them to sleep in separate rooms, which obviously takes away a lot of fun they could have. There will be some younger children on the trip, and Janet is concerned with setting a good example for them since the son and girlfriend aren’t married. Janet’s husband was somewhere in the middle, but still supported her decision. Janet’s question to us and to wave listeners was whether or not she should loosen up on this rule. Sure enough the feedback was split almost 50/50. They are paying for the trip and the beach house, so ultimately they deserve the final say. Some people pointed out that if this is an issue to the son, he and his girlfriend could get a hotel room close by. What’s interesting is callers seemed to be much more in favor of letting them sleep in the same room, whereas facebook commenters seemed to sway towards splitting them up. Sorry for not getting to a clear solution, but this just goes to show that Janet would be justified in keeping them separate if that’s what she wants to do.