Friends’ Set Art to Be Auctioned Off as NFTs

“The One With the Non-Fungible Token.”

Following the release of the HBO Max Friends Reunion special, some iconic art from the set will be auctioned off as NFTs.

Some images included will be the Statue of Liberty painting in the background of the Central Perk set, the famous Central Perk coffee cup logo, a poster of King Kong scaling the Empire State Building and a poster of Uncle Sam.

“The future of these iconic works are now in the hands of the fans that made Friends one of the most beloved series in television history,” Morris said in a statement. “I remember the day my sister called to tell me she saw an actor on a new television show called Friends wearing a T-shirt featuring my artwork of a big hitter baseball player. The actor was David Schwimmer [Ross], who wore it during the taping of the third episode. The next day, I connected with show creators who decided they wanted to feature my art on the set. 25 years later, collectors and fans can own and immortalize the show’s influence through The Art of Friends for generations to come.”

The auction is live for five days only at

photo credit: Mariia Illiashevych /